PTA-Sponsored After School Activities with Enrichment Academies, Inc.

 BEPTA partners with Enrichment Academies, Inc. (EAI) to manage BE's After School Activities program. 



Enrichment Academies

Founded and operated by Gabrielle Fontana, Enrichment Academies Inc (EAI) has been managing after school clubs in MCPS elementary schools for many years and is thrilled to continue offering the same unique program style to Bethesda Elementary.  It is EAI's mission to provide a rich, rewarding and diverse after school experience to students, parents and educators with a variety of price points, session end times and days offered.


EAI will offer three sessions of clubs: fall, winter, and spring. Clubs will be offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays with offerings before school (8:00-8:45am) and offerings after school (3:45-4:45pm). EAI has kept many of the popular clubs that BE has offered in the past while adding a mix of new clubs to round out the schedule. 


Spring Session Key Dates:

  • Spring Registration Opens: 3/12 at 9:30am, Discounted Early Bird Registration 3/12-3/15

  • Scholarship Requests: 3/12 only

  • Registration Closes: 3/21

  • Confirmation Emails to Registered Families: 3/23-3/25

  • Clubs Begin: 3/31



Create an account for your student(s) and register online through the Enrichment Academies website.


  • Catalogs detailing the session’s offerings go home the week before registration

  • Registration occurs online through the Enrichment Academies website 

  • Club fees are discounted during the first four days of registration (Catalog rate); fees increase by $10 afterward

  • EAI determines which clubs will/will not run based on enrollment numbers

  • Confirmation emails with logistical information are sent to registered families the week before clubs start


Early Bird Enrollment

EAI offers open enrollment, with a specific registration start date. Club fees for the first four days of each registration period will feature discounted Early Bird pricing. We urge all parents to take advantage of early bird enrollment so minimum enrollment numbers can be met and accurate rosters can be distributed to instructors prior to club start dates. After the four-day Early Bird window, online club registration will be available at an additional $10 per club.  


Annual Registration Fee

To help offset expenses associated with providing quality after school programming, an annual registration fee of $25 is required during each students' first club registration of the school year.  Once paid, subsequent club registrations for that student during that school year will not incur this fee.  Scholarship students are exempt from the annual registration fee for the scholarship club; scholarship students enrolling in additional clubs will be subject to the $25 annual fee. 



In order to give as many students as possible the opportunity to participate in clubs, need-based scholarships are available one per child per session; please request only one club as a scholarship. Individuals requesting more than one scholarship per student per session will not receive priority. Once the school confirms scholarship eligibility, EAI works with families to find a space for their student--preferably in the club requested. If you would like your child to participate in additional clubs, you must register/pay in a separate transaction from the scholarship request. Key FAQs about Scholarships:


  • Please submit your request for a scholarship on the registration site on the first day of registration, Thursday, March 12

  • Eligibility is determined by the school

  • Placement is determined by EAI

  • Families are accommodated in the order their requests are received

  • Scholarship space is limited and dependent on clubs reaching minimum enrollments


Please email Enrichment Academies with any questions about how the process works prior to the start of registration.  


Accommodations and Health Concerns

Families are encouraged to contact EAI or the club vendor with questions about what to expect each week and to provide EAI with pertinent information regarding any special needs, health concerns, and allergies. If your child receives accommodations during the school day through MCPS, please consider whether he/she will require assistance to participate in the club, and, if so, please arrange for added support to ensure a positive, fun and successful experience for your child.


Parent Feedback

EAI welcomes and encourages feedback from parents.  Your input helps to build a stronger program as clubs can be added or improved in subsequent sessions.   Questions or concerns? Send us an email.